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How It Works & Why You Need One

It’s finally close enough to your big day to start sending out invites, reminders, and, of course, your wedding wishlist! With all the wedding planning information being dispersed, it’s easy to overlook small details or just forget to send it to someone (even if they’re important to you). Avoid alienating your friends and family by keeping things very simple – consolidate all your information in one place – your wedding website!

Wedding Website

A growing trend in India, wedding websites are the perfect way to keep people informed of the numerous events and functions that go into the making of a big fat desi wedding. At Wedding Wishlist, we love the concept and have our own version – and the best part? You can share your website and wishlist together. Convenient, right? Read on for more information:

Step One: Sign Up!

registered with Wedding Wishlist
Registered with Wedding Wishlist

If you aren’t already registered with Wedding Wishlist, sign up today. It’s a simple process and you can easily do so using your Facebook or Google Plus information. If you’d rather use your email ID, you can do that as well.

Step Two: Choose The Wedding Website Option

Choose The Wedding Website Option
Choose The Wedding Website Option

Once you’ve signed up and provided the necessary information, visit your account page and click on the ‘wedding website’ link.

Step Three: Pick Your Wedding Website Template

Wedding Website Template
Wedding Website Template

Choose your favourite theme from a list of wedding website templates. There are a variety available at your fingertips and each boasts of unique colours, patterns, and themes.

Step Four: It’s All In The Details

It’s All In The Details
It’s All In The Details

Time to get personal! On your newly minted wedding website page, you’ll find options to customise the information available. You can opt to share your ‘story’ or even just list out the events you are hosting. You can also add a picture of you and your spouse-to-be.

Step Five: Practical Wedding Planning Features

We also offer four pragmatic integrated services along with our basic website page. First, you can use the ‘functions’ page to list the events that guests should be aware of. On the ‘Planning’ page, you can share important information that your guests might find useful, such as the hotels you’re planning to reserve rooms at, the transportation that has been arranged for them, etc. You can even brief them on things they can do in the city when they have some free time.

Wedding Planning Features
Wedding Planning Features

The third option is the ‘Wishlist’ page, which is linked to your wedding wishlist. This way you can share your registry along with your wedding website. Finally, you can use the ‘RSVP’ page to gauge the number of guests to expect at each event. Simply list out the functions you’re planning and guests can RSVP to the events individually.

So, if you’re panicking about how to plan a wedding – just remember, you do have a simple yet tech savvy option to keep everyone in the know. There’s a reason why wedding websites are so popular. Jump on the bandwagon and create yours today!

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