Wedding Wishlist, an online Indian wedding gift registry offers a cool way for couples to start their married life. The website helps couples prepare their wedding gift wishlist and circulate it among their close friends and family so that guests can purchase meaningful gifts for the couple. I recently posted about Wedding Wishlist and how it works on the blog. If you’ve missed the post you can Read it Here.

I caught up with Kanika Subbiah, founder of Wedding Wishlist to give us more insights on her website.

Why did you set up Wedding Wishlist?

Married couples are tormented by the unnecessary gifts they receive at the end of their nuptials. There is always a gap between what the guest gifts and what the couple really needs. Wedding Wishlist was born to offer prospective couples a way to start their life with gifts and experiences that are memorable.


Is India ready for a gift registry?

Yes. People are getting more practical. It is expensive to set up your home as a newly married couple and it would be great if guests could give them something that could help them start their journey and not burden them with unwanted gifts. Wedding Wishlist addresses the pain points of a couple and makes gifting more responsible and streamlined.

Who should use Wedding Wishlist?

Prospective couples who would rather be open with what they want, than keep their guests guessing. It is also for guests who want to give a gift that is relevant and meaningful.

What gift items are available on the website?

From crockery, kitchen and home appliances to furniture and home decor, the website has it all. There is also a pampering section that offers spas and getaways. The electric wishlist has some interesting gifts that you never thought existed. You can also combine with a few people and gift a honeymoon package to the couple.

Shipping is all over India. Wedding Wishlist also offers the option of delivering the gifts as they are purchased, or all at once after the wedding.

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How much time in advance should I create and share my Wishlist?

Around two months before the wedding would be an ideal time to create the wishlist. Most guests buy gifts two to three weeks before the wedding so you can share the wishlist with your close ones one month before the wedding.

How do I share my wish list?

You can share it with close friends, colleagues and relatives who you are comfortable sharing with. When you create your wishlist, you receive a unique URL that can be shared via an SMS or social networking sites. If you wish, you can add it to the wedding invite as well.

What if there are some partially paid gifts left on my wishlist?

In such a case either the couple can choose to use the money contributed towards another gift of a smaller amount or pay the balance amount themselves. On the other hand, the guest who chose to purchase that gift can open it to other guests to contribute.



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