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How to choose a wedding dress online.

If you want your wedding dress to be a family heirloom, it is best to choose silk, this luxurious fabric is elegant and comfortable to wear. But one thing you have to keep in mind: wearing silk does not achieve a pure white effect, because silk always has a slightly creamy appearance.

If you want to choose a fabric that is affordable, durable and not wrinkled, then consider choosing polyester fabrics, which are generally shiny and relatively inexpensive.

The fabrics of wedding dresses are mainly satin, thick forging, bright forging, lace, crystal yarn, organza, mesh yarn and so on. The same kind of fabrics are imported and domestically produced, and imported from Europe and Japan and South Korea. The different materials also determine the different grades and prices of wedding dresses.

How to choose a wedding dress

one. wedding dress fabric
1. Satin wedding dress: The texture is relatively thick. Due to the relationship of gravity, it has a heavy feeling, giving people a very solid feeling, with a sense of lines and warmth. It is suitable for tall and plump people.
2. Pearl gauze wedding dress: shiny, colorful, feeling soft and elegant, suitable for lively, petite, princess-type brides.
3. Flannel wedding dress: It has more lines, giving people a noble, mysterious and warm feeling.
4. Lace cloth lace wedding dress: there are pieces, there are whole, divided into three-dimensional and plane.

two. neckline change
1. Peach-shaped collar wedding dress: suitable for girls with short necks, fat faces and plump bodies.
2. V-neck wedding dress: suitable for girls with short necks and slender lines.
3. Round turtleneck wedding dress: suitable for girls with long necks and thin, plus a wide necklace to be modified.
4. One word neck wedding dress: For fat people, the accessories should not be too luxurious, and slender necklaces can deepen the fullness.
5. Square neck wedding dress: suitable for the body, the most standard face.
6. Princess Neck Wedding Dress: Suitable for girls with melon face.
7. Sleeve style wedding dress: puff sleeves, three-quarter sleeves, straight long sleeves, princess sleeves, leg of lamb sleeves.
8. Waist Design Wedding Dresses: Mid Waist, Low Waist, High Waist, Artificial Waist, Flat Waist. Those who are fat should wear a man-made waist, focusing on long lines to look slender, and those who are thin should wear a flat waist or a high waist.
9. Long and short hem wedding dresses: upright, trailing, mermaid.

Third, the basic measurement method of wedding dress
1. Neck circumference: The circumference of a circle around the lower part of the middle of the neck, and the size should be slightly loose.
2. Shoulder width: The distance measured from the back of the neck can also be measured from the neck and shoulders to both sides, and then the data is added.
3. Bust: The size of a circle around the highest point of the chest when wearing a body sculpting bra, and the circumference should be kept level.
4. Arm length: the vertical length from the top of the shoulder down to the wrist, if it is a five-point sleeve, it is measured to the elbow.
5. Hip circumference: The size of a circle around the fullest part of the upper buttocks.
6. Waist length: the distance from the neck to the chest point of the waist, and the back length can be measured at the same time.
7. Waist circumference: The circumference of the thinnest part of the waist, slightly above the waistband.

4. Other measurement standards for wedding dresses
1. Upper bust: Take a circle around the chest from the armpit, and measure the bust from the point where the chest begins to expand.
2. Chest height: the distance from the point of the neck and shoulders to the highest point of the chest, keep the tape measure vertical when measuring.
3. Lower bust: The measurement that goes around the bottom edge of the breast.
4. Arm circumference: The size of a circle around the widest and fullest part of the arm.
5. Sleeve cage: the size of the armpit towards the shoulder, do not measure too tightly, so as not to wear it.
6. Wrist circumference: the size of the carpal bone around the wrist, and the circumference is properly relaxed.
7. Length of clothing: the distance from the point of the neck and shoulders to the point of the chest to the foot, and the height after wearing shoes.

Five, key tips
☆Key Tip 1: Make allowances for tailoring
Note that the measurement circumference should not be too tight, and the tightness should be that the tape measure can be rotated on the body. The size is close to the body except for the bust. Keep the body straight and keep your breath. It is very important that the tape measure is not too tight or loose. Do not deliberately measure thin to look thin. The best fit is to prevent the bride’s figure from changing before the wedding. It is best to leave some margin.

☆Key Tip 2: Measurement data of different styles
For example, mermaid wedding dresses need to add measurements of the circumference of the upper hip, thigh and knee; for styles that emphasize the slenderness of the lower body, the length of the waist of the top should be appropriately shortened, and it is best to measure the back width when choosing a vest-style top. Strapless Wedding Dresses, so that the zipper will not collapse when the back is too wide.

☆ Key Tip 3: The Best Time to Customize Your Wedding Dress
It is best to make a custom wedding dress 2-3 months before marriage. If it is too early, the body may change greatly, and the modification is relatively difficult. If it is too late, the production time will be reduced or the later modification time will be insufficient, which will have an impact on the delivery time of the wedding dress and the final wearing effect. If you decide to lose weight in the near future, you must communicate with your designer and control the size allowance when measuring.

☆Key Tip 4: Wear shapewear to measure the size
If you decide to wear the shapewear in the wedding dress on your wedding day, wear the selected shapewear when measuring the size. If the bride has a small breast, you can add a chest pad to measure the bust or ask the designer to add a chest pad to the wedding dress. . In addition, the length of the wedding dress should take into account the height of the shoes on the wedding day. You can wear a pair of shoes that you think are suitable for the height to measure the size, which is very helpful to determine the length of the dress.

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