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Dress Up A Simple Pair of Shoes

Is you wedding day coming up soon? Are shoes the next thing to tackle on the wedding planning checklist?

Maybe you’ve already bought a beautiful pair of satin pumps, or perhaps you already have a pair of go to oldies-yet-goodies in the closet. Either way, if you feel like your shoe choice needs spicing up, you’re in luck!

We’ve found ways to dress up a simple pair of shoes that will give your heels a little something special — taking them from basic to absolutely wedding-worthy!

Heart-Shaped Sole Grips

A new pair of shoes should always get broken in long before strutting down the aisle. More importantly, test the soles of the shoes on different types of surfaces beforehand. If your soles aren’t scuffed and there is a chance of a slippery surface, you could find yourself taking a tumble to the ground.

Be on the safe side and put Heart-Shaped Gripsheart-shaped-grips-on-the-soles on each shoe sole. The grips serve a dual purpose:

  1. Keeping you safe and upright
  2. Handy for cute photo ops like the one below!
  3. Shoe decals are another great way to have fun during your bride and groom photo session. Write something meaningful on the soles such as your names and your wedding date, or I-Do and Me Too.

    These beauties will add just the right amount of elegance to a beautiful bridal pump — hey, why not include them as your something blue?!

    A beautiful peacock themed wedding deserves these wonderful peacock feather clips for your shoes! Check out a recent real wedding we featured to get some more great peacock ideas.

    peacock feather shoe clipsDazzling big heart shoe clips add a whimsical touch to your wedding day shoes, especially with the lustrous glitter that makes them vibrant and shiny.turquoise aqua shoe clips glitter heart Bow Shaped Shoe Clips

    I like a good bow. In my eyes, nothing says feminine fun more than a well placed bow. Check out Etsy for these beautiful bow shoe clip along with others. If you are the crafty type, you could always tie some pretty ribbon around a pair of peep-toe pumps.

    pink bow shoe clipsFlower Shoe Clip

    Weddings equal flowers. One of the more obvious choices for shoe adornments is adding a flower shoe clip. Simple, cute, and very effective!chiffon flower shoe clips for wedding

    Elegant Floral Shoe Clips

    Rhinestones, pearls, and gold leafs make these floral clips rich looking — taking your shoes to a whole new level. Brides on a budget can give the illusion of paying a fortune for shoes with these floral clips.rhinestone shoe clips with flower and gold leaves