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Some Common Mistakes When Registering The Gifts


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Often due to the excitement, nervousness or the empathy, couples tend to make certain mistakes while creating their much awaited gift wishlist. Here are some common mistakes that couples make when creating a wedding gift wishlist:

Not planning their wishlist – One of the biggest mistakes that couples make when creating a gift wishlist is that they do not plan their wishlist ahead. Yes, creating a wishlist is super exciting. However, it’s very easy to let the excitement cloud one’s choices in the gift wishlist.

Before they start the wishlist, a couple should plan the items that they require as gifts. If this is not done, they often end up with gifts that figure in a lower priority and they may need to go out shopping again. Not planning ahead leads to a great opportunity loss.

Registering only for wants – Once again, due to the excitement of the wedding and the gift wishlist shopping, it’s common for a couple to register for things that they WANT or desire more than what they actually need.


The best thing to do is to take a pen and paper, and start with each room of your new home. Start with your living room, then your dining room, your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, storage and any other extra rooms you may have – make a list of everything you require in each room. Apart from these, do they NEED anything else? Make a list of all of these. These are the primary items that they need for their new home.

After putting all of these items in the wedding wishlist, they are free to choose all the other things that they want.

Choosing only one category of gifts – The next mistake that couples tend to make on their gift wishlist is that choosing products only for one category of their interest. E.g. if a couple likes cooking, they might choose gifts that are kitchen related, leaving all the other rooms overlooked. The remedy for this once again is good planning.


Choosing only low price items – The next mistake couples make on the wishlist is that, out of great consideration for their guests, they choose only products that are low priced, so that their guests can afford it easily.


The wedding Wishlist has options for guests to easily contribute the count of their choice. Multiple guests can contribute to one high value product. So, couples should not hesitate to add gifts spanning a wide range of price options.

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Choosing only High Price Range – On the other hand, due to the excitement of choosing products, couples may tend to choose mostly high priced products. Beware of this! Guests are going the extra mile by picking gifts out of the couple’s preferences. So do them the favour of choosing gifts that are of various price ranges. This way, it is affordable to guests with small and big budgets.


Keep in mind that when the guests look at a list, they could be put off by the high prices. If that’s the case, then they are at the liberty to deviate from the couple’s list and buy something in their budget – which the couple may not need.


Leaving gifts to the last minute – The biggest mistake of them all, of which we all are guilty , is leaving gifting decisions to the last minute. When it comes to a wishlist, timing is really important. Couples need to ensure that they have enough time to set up the account, register, plan their gifts and above all else, leave enough time for their guests to purchase the gift before the wedding.