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17 New Year’s Eve Weddings

Toss the confetti, pop the champagne and grab a festive hat ― it’s time for a New Year’s Eve wedding! Here are 17 photos of couples who rang in the new year with a damn good party and lots and lots of love below. 1
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Top 5 Gorgeous Full Figured Wedding Gowns

For any bride, gown shopping can be one of the most exciting projects in the long to-do list that planning a wedding entails, but it can also be one of the most daunting, frustrating, and, well, exhausting. If you’re a fuller figured woman in a swirling sea of...
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WEDDING DRESSES Fall 2017 Wedding Dress Trends

Bridal Fashion Week has come and gone, but the wedding dress trends seen coming down the runways will last, well not a lifetime, but close enough. Off-the-shoulder wedding dresses continued to reign supreme, and deep plunging v-necks were still the sexy talk of the town, but fall 2017...
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Top Seven Bridal Gown Trends in Fall 2017

If you’re Planning a wedding? Maybe you have already started your gown hunt and you know how endless the array of options is—from sleek and minimal to over-the-top and opulent. We’ve zeroed in on seven of next year’s top trends to help make this part of the process...
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The Ceremony Collection

Who’s up for a little bit of wedding dress eye candy? We know that we always are and, we have to say, the breathtakingly beautiful dresses from the new Ceremony Collection from Anna Campbell definitely deliver a huge dose of pretty. Ethically and expertly constructed using traditional techniques in their...
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The Bohemian Puerto Vallarta Wedding

Let’s set the stage for you – the incredibly beautiful Villa Estrella Mar in Puerto Vallarta, a super creative couple, a tropical inspired theme planned by Marweddings… That all adds up to one ROCKIN’ wedding. Meet Lauren + Rainer, this super fun-loving couple is all about having a good...
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Upstate New York Vintage Inspired Wedding

When you couple up a pair of creatives, you’re no doubt going to have one gorgeous wedding. Laura is a wedding photographer by trade – so she definitely knows a pretty thing or two. Her darling Phil is a graphic designer, whose work you would definitely recognize: The...
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Your Wedding Wishlist Bridal Guide!

A is for Aathgath After a Kashmiri wedding, it is traditional for the newlyweds to visit the bride’s home for dinner, which is known as ‘Satraat’. The couple is given garments by the bride’s family, and traditionally the groom will receive a pashmina shawl and the bride will...
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Enchanted Forest Wedding in Oklahoma

Choosing macrame backdrops, metallic accents, flickering lanterns and an overall ‘enchanted forest’ vibe,  Peyton + Colton’s modern-bohemian Oklahoma farm wedding is as romantic and ethereal as it is stylish and unique! The lovely bride, Peyton, shares, What I loved about our day was that it was truly organic. It was oh so...
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