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The Best Wedding Umbrellas

In this article we take a look at a selection of our favorite oh-so-cute wedding umbrellas for you and your guests. The very thought of rain on your perfectly planned wedding day could seem like a disaster. However, there are actually a few things to be said for...
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Top 8 All-Star Cookie Swap Recipes

Cookie swaps: The perfect excuse to party with friends and sample copious amounts of cookies. Whether you prefer the classics or want to try something new, these cookies are all tested, perfected, and family-approved. 1. Holiday Cut-Out Butter Cookies Buttery with a thin layer of glaze that adds...
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Here’s How Much People Are Really Spending on Their Weddings

Forget the buffet-style receptions. The latest trend reports say couples getting married in 2016 will opt for elegant sit-down dinners—complete with serving staff, bartenders, and upscale Italian cuisine. And floral arrangements? They aren’t just for centerpieces anymore. They’ll be adorning the gazebo, the cake table, and the aisle,...
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The Autumn Dinner Party Inspiration

While we may still be holding on to the last memories of summer – we’re definitely welcoming fall with open arms. As the weather transitions and we feel the bite of crisp autumn air, it’s almost as if our preferred color palette shifts overnight: sunbaked brick, rich wine...
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How It Works & Why You Need One

It’s finally close enough to your big day to start sending out invites, reminders, and, of course, your wedding wishlist! With all the wedding planning information being dispersed, it’s easy to overlook small details or just forget to send it to someone (even if they’re important to you)....
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You Need Top 6 Appliances on Your Wishlist

Make all your Gadget fantasies come true with these appliances from Wedding Wishlist. Check out our top picks for the month! 1.Artisan mixer No kitchen is complete without a good mixer. Available in a variety of exciting colours, this appliance will change the way you cook – in...
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Are You More Wishlist Or Hit List?

Planning your wedding, like any other big event in your life, requires hard work, patience, and a lot of organising!  Make a list – in fact, make multiple lists. That’s where we come in. There are a few basic steps you need to take – sit down and...
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5 Unusual Bachelorette Party Ideas

Life Is A Beach Bring a dash of adventure to the table and sign up for surfing lessons. Learn how to ride a wave together (and how to fall off a board), soak up some sun, and enjoy some amazing seafood. All the ingredients you need for an...
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Your Wedding Wishlist Bridal Guide!

A is for Aathgath After a Kashmiri wedding, it is traditional for the newlyweds to visit the bride’s home for dinner, which is known as ‘Satraat’. The couple is given garments by the bride’s family, and traditionally the groom will receive a pashmina shawl and the bride will...
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