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The Guide to Wedding Stationery Costs in 2017

In this article we look at exactly how much wedding stationery costs in 2017 and how much you should expect to pay. When I planned my wedding, I didn’t budget enough for the total cost of both wedding stationery and postage. So I have to ask: what is...
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Some Special Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

We’ve scoured our back catalog of real weddings as well as other online wedding sources we hold near and dear. Scroll down to go directly to our round-up list of some creative wedding guest book alternatives that are a tad more exciting to read through than a standard guestbook....
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Some Beautiful Personalized Wedding Cake Toppers

1) Custom Wooden Wedding Cake Toppers The toppers are simple, effective, and ridiculously cute!Creator Heather Ward-Migner combines a background as an artist and art teacher to design and create wonderful wooden wedding cake toppers by hand at her studio in Western North Carolina. Her designs include whimsical boats,...
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Custom DIY Wedding Cookie Favor Ideas!

One unique treat that many guests attending a wedding look forward to are favors. And one scrumptious treat I look forward to eating (whenever they are in the house) are cookies. Put the two together and you get to the heart of today’s article – custom wedding cookie...
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Brides Always Make These Mistakes

Any bride who has spent even just one afternoon wedding planning likely regrets skipping Excel classes. With dozens of decisions, both big and small, on your horizon, creating a fine-tuned budget, well-planned timeline, and paying extreme attention to detail are key. And since this is likely your first...
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Wedding Planning Ideas

Wedding Planning Ideas to get you started. The wedding planner – the one woman (or man) army that is going to turn your wedding planning ideas upside down, in the best possible way! and here are few Wedding Planner If you’ve ever planned an event, you’ll know that it’s...
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A Brides BFF with the Wedding WishList

No matter what kind of bride you are, whether your wedding was a quiet affair in a little temple atop a mountain or a monumental shebang at the real Downton Abbey, you have one thing in common; presents ! Wedding Wishlist Who doesn’t love presents right and your...
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Should You Thank Your Wedding Guests?

Unlike saying ‘sorry’, thanking people is an altogether easier and more pleasant endeavour. Thank you cards are the perfect way to show your appreciation, especially if you’re the recipient of a lot of love (and presents!) Wedding Wishlist is introducing the perfect way to thank someone. Once you’ve...
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