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How to choose a wedding dress online.

How to choose a wedding dress
If you want your wedding dress to be a family heirloom, it is best to choose silk, this luxurious fabric is elegant and comfortable to wear. But one thing you have to keep in mind: wearing silk does not achieve a pure white effect, because silk always has...
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Slim down instantly with Fashion Shapewear

Every woman desires the perfect hour glass body particularly for specific occasions. Wearing and flaunting particular styles, requires one to have a good physique in order to look flawless. Exercising and eating in hands is one way of accomplishing it. However, the only quick fix to slipping into...
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10 Questions You Need to Ask Transportation Companies

You should plan on booking your day-of transportation about three to five months before the wedding, once you have your date, ceremony and reception locations and wedding party all set. Get to it even earlier if you know your event is taking place between April, May and June—aka...
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