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Some Beautiful Personalized Wedding Cake Toppers

1) Custom Wooden Wedding Cake ToppersWood wedding cake topper with bride and groom in a sail boat

The toppers are simple, effective, and ridiculously cute!Creator Heather Ward-Migner combines a background as an artist and art teacher to design and create wonderful wooden wedding cake toppers by hand at her studio in Western North Carolina. Her designs include whimsical boats, guitars, animals, and trees to name a few.

After the wedding, try transforming them into a Christmas tree ornament keepsake.

2) Hand Sculpted Bird Cake Toppers

Love bird sports themed wedding cake topper by Red Light Studio

Designer Cynthia Spencer hand sculpts (meaning no mold) these gems from her small studio in Washington.If you are a lovebird fan, these sculpted personalized bird cake toppers are just for you.

Wow! I can see her precision and attention to detail is in each piece – absolutely worth every penny. These lovebird works of art are designed and created according to your wedding day specifications, with natural paper clay.

3) Customized hand sculpted and hand-painted cake toppers

Customized hand sculpted and hand-painted cake toppers with cow boy theme by Crimson Muse

Scroll through the almost endless list of cake toppers on Etsy to discover that there are 250 pages worth!

Creator Lauren McHale‘s mermaid cake toppers really caught my eye with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art . My niece just visited Disneyland on her summer vacation and got to relive The Little Mermaid ride … 5 times over. I was reminded of how much I loved that movie during my own childhood. And when I saw the mermaid cake topper pictured above, I knew cake topper nostolgia reached its zeanith.

Why not get a custom cake topper that reflects one of your favorite movies of all time? It doesn’t have to be The Little Mermaid, something like Aladdin would work as well 😉

Lauren customizes and hand sculpts each creation using clay, tissue paper, and wire materials. She brings her creations to fruition by hand painting them with acrylic paint. The process is fairly straight forward: clients send her some pictures as well as outfits that she can then replicate in a fairy tale cake topper.

4) Air-Dry Clay Personalized Cake Toppers

Handmade Air Dry Clay Personalized Cake Toppers by Anna Crafts

Anna Crafts stands out from the cake topper crowd with detail and cuteness. Each handcrafted piece is made from polymer clay and can be customized according to specific requests.  I like that they will even send you a picture of the finished product to make sure you are happy with the product before delivery.

5) Personalized  Wood Cake Toppers

Custom wood personalized cake topper by Together Forever

Personalized cake toppers that remind me of homespun goodness. The designer, Sarah Neuburger, has a Master of Fine Arts degree and uses materials like wood, fabric, paint, paper, and ribbon to make handcrafted beauties (such as the ones above) to resemble you and your partner.

Absolutely adorable — totally can be used for years to come.

6) Custom Illustrated Portrait Cake Topper

Custom Illustrated Portrait Handmade Wedding Cake Topper by Art of Melodious

Simple, cut, and perfect for the top of a pie! Artist Melodie Papp hand draws a newlywed couple to look very much  them, down to the clothes they like to wear. Melodie then adds separate custom cut outs to create a 3D cake topper.

7) Custom Day of the Dead Wedding Cake Topper

Custom Day of the Dead Wedding Cake Topper by Clay Lindo

Tim Burton style creations anyone?

If you are planning a Day of the Dead wedding theme, cake toppers by Tamra Kohl are a perfect finishing touch to the top of your cake.  Tamra uses many different materials like polymer clay, acrylic paint, viscose, wood, wire, artificial flowers, tulle, lace, and leather.  Each cake topper can also be customized in the pose that you would like, as well as the couple’s attire, hair color and style, and bouquet.

8) Personalized Figurine Cake Toppers

Scottish theme personalized wedding cake topper

Who doesn’t love googly eyes?

Creator Helen from the UK designs these fun, colorful wedding cake toppers to characterize you and your partner.  Made from Polymer clay, they are sure to provide a few smiles on your wedding day!

9) Custom Dog Cake Toppers

personalized pet themed wedding Cake Toppers

Unable to bring your beloved pooch to your wedding day, but don’t want to leave her at home?

Get Laurie Valko to design a custom dog cake topper that resembles your K9. One of your best furry friends may not be present at the wedding. Perhaps the venue doesn’t allow animals, or you ultimately decide that doggy daycare is the best option. Nonetheless, your guests will know the importance of your dog in your life.

10) Wooden Peg Dolls Wedding Cake ToppersHawaiian themed Wooden Peg Dolls personalized Wedding Cake Toppers

Simplistic wood peg dolls that embody elegant cake topper beauty. Designers Anna and Juan Donado create original peg doll wedding cake toppers using hand-turned techniques on an electric lathe. The cake toppers are made from Urapán, a sustainably forested wood whereby when one tree is harvested, two are planted in its place.  What a great social proof concept to incorporate!