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A Brides BFF with the Wedding WishList

No matter what kind of bride you are, whether your wedding was a quiet affair in a little temple atop a mountain or a monumental shebang at the real Downton Abbey, you have one thing in common; presents !

brides bff
Wedding Wishlist

Who doesn’t love presents right and your wedding time is one of those rare times in your life when you not only receive tonnes of presents but can ask for what you want unabashedly (on some occasions).

Wedding registry
Creating a Wedding Wishlist

India yet has a lot of catching up to do on the proper way to gift during weddings but platforms like  WeddingWishlist are making strides in this field by helping brides everywhere have not only the wedding of their dreams but the presents of their dreams too.

Gift using Wedding Wishlist
Gift using Wedding Wishlist

Waking up after the wedding mayhem has ended is like waking up Christmas morning. Your heart is racing and you can’t wait to claw your way through all those presents and envelopes of cash. Ofcourse there is a tedious protocol one must follow for wedding present opening (which sucks out about 75% of the fun but presents are still presents.)

Choose your gifts
Choose your gifts

Parents for some reason need to know what each and every guest gave you and this information needs to be noted down neatly in a book purchased for this very purpose. Then, at the end of it all you realize that the bulk of the list says ‘Photo Frame’ or ‘Crystal Vase’. This generally leads to tasteless re gifting or an awkward décor theme.


I unfortunately have already had to tackle the above-mentioned problem because you really can’t expect your second cousin twice removed to know you want a Kitchen Aid and not a hand carved mahogany raccoon.

The super hero of this story is the gift registry which is a service provided by Wedding Wishlist allowing brides to create super customized lists of items they would like which can be accessed by their guests. The guests can either purchase things directly or crowd fund them with the help of other guests. The couple can then decide when they would like the gifts delivered, all prettily packed and ready. You wouldn’t even have to go through the tedious list making process because the website provides you with all that information.

Create super customized lists of gift items
Create super customized lists of gift items

SU has already begun adding things to her very on wish list and created a wedding website which will have all the relevant wedding related information for her guests.

WeddingWishlist.com could very well be a bride’s best friend and we for one are glad to be testing it out with SU’s wedding right around the corner.

House of Misu
House of Misu

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