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4 DIY Bridal Shower Gifts

Corn-hole Wedding Set: The perfect gift to give to a bride right before an outdoor wedding celebration!

Source: stylemepretty.com via The Gift Insider on Pinterest

Confetti Balloon: Okay, so giving money isn’t always ideal. But for the girl on the go this may be your only option. Give cash in a fun and innovative way by filling a giant balloon with helium, confetti, and cash. Have the bride pop it open and she’ll be “showered” with confetti!

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Bridal Spoons: Why not personalize a boring set of wooden cooking spoons by decorating them with a bride and a groom? Perfect for an artsy person ready to take on a DIY challenge!

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Dinner For Two: Did your bride register for a colander? Why not pair it with a few smaller gifts with a similar theme. Try an italian colander bundle! Include a bottle of wine, extra virgin olive oil, handmade pasta, and some delicious sauce to top off the meal!

Source: pin4fun1738.blogspot.com via The Gift Insider on Pinterest

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